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Lambang Sari

This auditorium is smaller than Panggung Sari. It is on the right side of Panggung Sari. It is suitable for smaller productions with a capacity of 281 audiences at a time. The stage is in the form of arena with 500 square metre areas.

Formal attire or long sleeves shirt.

Neat, decent and appropriate.

Not Allowed To Wear
Worn out/shabby jeans, round neck shirt, shorts, conspicuous attire, sports attire, sport shoes and slippers.

Important Reminder

  • The Istana Budaya’s ushers, have the rights to prevent anyone who did not follow the above rules and regulations from watching the performance. The scheduled programs could be change without prior notice.
  • Tickets sold are not returnable or exchange.
  • Audience must be seated 15 minutes before the show begin.
  • Late comers will have to wait for the right time to enter the auditorium in the waiting room.
  • Children below 6 years old are not allowed in the auditorium. Exception is only for show specially made for children.
  • For matinee production, children aged 4 are allowed to enter with adults supervision. There is a viewing charge.
  • Cameras and any means of recording are not allowed without the Istana Budaya Management’s permission.
  • Mobile phones and pagers must be switched off when entering the auditorium.
  • Smoking, food and drinks are not allowed in the auditorium.
  • Audience are advised to watch their belongings. Istana Budaya will not be responsible for any loss or damages.

Late Audience
Every production will start on time. Late audience will have to wait for the right time to enter the auditorium. Our staffs will assist them to their seats.

Istana Budaya does not only provide entertainment but it also provides corporate hospitality and an image builder for the business community. At Istana Budaya, a special space located at the Front Hall of the auditorium is reserved for corporate hospitality. Sponsoring companies would enjoy corporate image exposure, special ticket price and also exclusive corporate entertainment facilities. Istana Budaya also offers various marketing opportunity for companies in strengthening their profiles and brands by offering creative options and entertaining in making their organisation well known as well as bringing theatre to the business community.

The terms and conditions for corporate sponsor could be changed according to the business needs.

For further information, please contact:
Marketing and Public Relations Department
Tel : 603-4026 5545
Fax : 603-4026 5552

Polisi bagi sebarang pementasan di Istana Budaya mestilah diakui bertaraf cemerlang dan berteraskan syarat berikut:

  1. Pemilihan program pementasan selaras dasar Kementerian dan berteraskan konsep 1Malaysia.
  2. Persembahan mengikut jadual dan gerak kerja yang ditetapkan.
  3. Persembahan di bawah naungan pengarahan profesional.
  4. Persembahan memaparkan latar, pakaian dan prop yang bersesuaian dengan fasiliti Istana Budaya.
  5. Persembahan mempunyai artis yang berkebolehan meninggalkan kesan keilmuan yang tinggi.
  6. Lakonan, tingkah laku, tatacara berpakaian yang sopan, penggunaan kata-kata dan bahasa yang sesuai.
  7. Peka terhadap sensitiviti keagamaan, perkauman dan ketenteraman awam di Malaysia.


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